December 04, 2013

November 22, 2013


We are gearing up for our big launch on December 2, 2013!!!  I know this has been a really, really, long time coming so we are really excited to show you what we have been working on the past months (okay, okay... years)  There is still a ton of stuff to do in order to make things perfect before our launch date and we are looking for some help, so check out the details below:

We are looking for someone who is extremely organized, hard-working, and efficient to become out studio intern.  You need to be willing to jump in and help with everything from packaging and shipping orders, assisting on photoshoots, maintaining inventory, writing content, marketing, social media and basic errands.  You need to be a creative person with a love for design and style and experience using facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest, you must have a car and a laptop, and knowledge of photoshop is a plus.  You must be friendly, honest and very proactive.

Please email your resume and anything that will give us a feel for your style and who you are (Facebook, instagram, blog, pinterest account act.)  to

August 19, 2013


If you would have asked me this time last year I would have declared my dislike for summer.  I know, I know... who dislikes summer?  Well, when you spend your summers working nonstop and pick up your 8 month old from your parents house while fast asleep at 2 am and get a nice wake up call from said 8 month old at 6:30 all while maintaining a nice shade of pasty white, its safe to say it's not your favorite season.  I have always been a fall girl...  fall smells, fall activities, the crisp air, spending time with family, a return to normalcy, back to school, the feeling that you have a lifetime between you and next summer... so many things to love.

Now fast forward to this year... I. Love. Summer.  Of course I still have my moments where I miss the shop and it definitely took me a few weeks into it to start feeling this way (I really didn't know what to do with myself memorial day weekend) but I am starting to realize that this summer thing is pretty sweet.  I have still been quite the little busy bee tying up lots of loose ends in my life.

Ive been cleaning out the storage unit that had everything from the shop and let me tell you it feels so good!  In the past I have been quite the hoarder (I can't tell you the number of times I moved my magazine collection from college) but I have turned over a new leaf and want to get rid of it all.  I hosted sales on instagram to sell all of the displays and merchandise from the shop and even have posted some new stuff as well.  We are also planning a huge (like really huge) garage sale in September  that I am pretty psyched for.

Im sooooo excited to launch the new website!  The new branding is complete and I just got a look at the site design and I LOVE it.  We still have some tweeks to make and are looking at launching sometime in the beginning of September.  So if you guys have any requests or advice, now is the time.  I would love to hear some input on things you would like to see.

On the home front we have really been trying to complete and finish some projects inside and out.  We have been living in our house for 2 1/2 years and it is very much a work in progress, so it's been fun to see some things finally start shaping up.  I am definitely going to be posting some images soon to show what we have been up to.

Hope you all are loving summer just as much!

June 17, 2013


As most of you know by now we will not be back to the boardwalk this year... we are taking some time to regroup, rebrand, and launch our new website!!! So far I am so happy with my decision (I have had to steer clear of my old shop however... that gets me every time) and even though you haven't heard much from me in a while, we are working really hard and have some really great stuff coming soon!  But for now let's talk about the old stuff...

Since the storm I have had a storage unit filled to the brim with the contents of the shop and it's time to let it all go.  You know we love a good sale (ahem... all you bag salers can vouch for us here) but since we are currently without a space we are getting creative and happy to announce our Insta-sale!

The Details:
- Follow us on instagram @thehouseoflucky
- We will post all of the details and a link to our sale site
- Sale will start on Friday, June 21 at 4:00 (est)
- Each listing will have a price and quantities available
- To purchase an item comment on the picture with the word "sold" and your email address
- Items will be sold in order of the comments for the available quantities for each item
- You will receive and invoice to your email through paypal
- Payments must be received within 24 hours or else the item will go to the next commenter
- Shipping is $6 for the first item and $1 for each additional item (unless otherwise stated)
- All sales are final.

You guys we are selling everything.  I mean everything clothing, jewelry, handbags, decor, displays, furniture, chandeliers. It will be hard to part with it all but I need a fresh start, so tell all your friends and share, share, share!!!

If you guys have any questions at all be sure to leave them in the comments and I will answer right away!

May 07, 2013


Ok, so things have been moving along quite quickly over here and I thought you guys need a little update...  

The website is coming awesome and I am so excited to see everything start coming together.  Right now I am working on all of the content and am looking to start shooting the products.  If any of you are into photography, fashion, or design and are interested in collaborating on some fun photoshoots, lets chat!  I know a lot of you have so many talents and would love join creative forces.

Next up i've been busy going in and out of New York the past few days on buying trips and can't wait to show you all the fun things I've been collecting.  This is soooo my favorite part, obviously! I missed out on most of the spring shows that took place this winter (because I was still in limbo) and was worried that I missed out but I was happy to find that most of my vendors are still showing their spring/summer lines.  And I picked up some newbies too. Yay!

If there is anything in particular you guys would like to see, let me know!

April 22, 2013


Well here it is my big announcement... Lucky Lady, as you know it, will not be opening this summer.  Since the hurricane I have mulled this decision over and over in my head, made many lists, shed quite a few tears, and I am still not sure if it is the right one.  However, it is what is best for me and my family at this point in our lives.  The risks that this summer brings with so many unknowns are far too big for us bear this year.  So I am taking this opportunity to set some major goals for my life and career.  As much as I have loved creating Lucky Lady and building it into the shop we all love so much, it has not been easy.  Glamorous as it may seem there is so much more to owning a shop than shopping.  (Although there are a fair share of perks... I mean I have a pretty rad wardrobe)  I am really looking for a little more balance in my life which, as you can imagine, is hard to obtain when your shop closes at 2 am.

I know a lot of you will be disappointed, trust me I am too. I honestly have not been able to talk about it without tearing up.  This store has become such a major part of who I am and it has been really hard for me to imagine myself without it.  For those of you that don't know, I opened up shop the summer going into my senior year in college.  I had planned on studying abroad for the summer and when the program was cancelled at the last minute I was devastated and wanted to do something more with my summer.  I remember calling my parents and pitching them the idea about opening a kiosk in the middle of the boardwalk and selling jewelry and accessories.  At the time these beaded indian inspired slippers were all over the city and I was confident that I could sell them at home.  (By the way... I'm cringing right now thinking of them)  While they don't allow kiosks on the boardwalk, my dad made some calls and found a little stand I could rent and turn into a shop.  The next week there was a trade show and I remember saying if I found things I liked that would be the deciding factor.  My mom came along with me and when I placed my first order I almost died when it totaled over $1000.00 (which by the way is nothing, but this was all new to me... and I was in broke and in college).  I'll never forget my mom telling me, "You have to spend money to make money".  I had borrowed $10,000 from my parents to place my initial orders and fix up the store and had three weeks to get everything ready before opening Memorial Day weekend.  I will never forget that summer and how hard I worked in that little 12'x12' space with no air conditioning everyday from 11:00 am to 12:00am.  I learned so much in those three months.  I gained confidence and loved the feeling of accomplishment seeing all of my hard work paying off.  That summer I was able to pay back my parents and save enough to move into the bigger space that we have been in for the past seven years.  Those walls have seen me through so many life changing events and ups and down the past few years.  No matter what was going on in my life when I was at work I knew just what I had to do and I was good at it.  Imagining myself standing behind that counter looking beyond what I had built and out at the ocean for the last time has been hard to come to terms with.  (And may have resulted in me sobbing while touching walls. I know... I'm dramatic)

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to do something that I truly loved to do.  I have had amazing help over the past few years and could not have done it all alone.  I feel so blessed to have developed such amazing friendships and can not imagine my days there without them.  The amount of encouragement and support I have received over the years has meant the world to me and I appreciate it more than I can ever express.

With that, I promise that you have not seen the last of me.  Right now I am focusing on creating the type of life and business I want.  As you can see above, I jumped into Lucky Lady pretty quickly and while it has been an amazing adventure there are always things I would do differently.  I truly believe that anyone is capable of accomplishing their goals and I am taking this opportunity to do so myself.

And now for the silver lining... meet House of Lucky...

We are not completely going away, just going through some changes.  We have grown to love so much more than just clothing and accessories and wanted a name that reflects that.  House of Lucky is so much more than a shop, it is a lifestyle, an experience, a place for inspiration, a place to share, a place to connect.   I want to get to know you better and I want you to know me better as well.  I want to earn your respect and trust that if I suggest a product, it's something I would use myself, in my home and for my own child.  I have just signed on to completely rebrand my business and build our website (I know, finally)!  This is a huge thing for me and something I have wanted to do for a long time.  I figured if I truly want to make this work I have to invest the time and money to make it happen, much like my initial $1000 order to start Lucky Lady.

I am really excited to share these changes with you all and hope you love whats in store.  I would love for you guys to follow my journey here and I'm open to any and all advice, suggestions, love notes, opportunities, questions, criticism... Ill take it all. Let's chat!

March 15, 2013


So as I have said like 4000 times in the past few months I have been going through many changes as I figure things out over here.  This week I dusted off a few of my art supplies from college and realized that it has been so long since I truly created.  My life has been so task orientated the past few years that I haven't taken the time for myself to be creative which is such a huge part of what makes me tick.  I have really enjoyed the past few days and surprisingly once I allowed myself this little luxury a lot of the mess in my head seemed to sort itself out and things quickly made a lot more sense!  With that, I have a big announcement coming next week and I can't wait to share.  Sorry for the vagueness as I work out a few of the details (no I'm not pregnant) I am really excited for this next chapter and want to thank all of you who have been so supportive and encouraging, you have no idea how much I needed it!!! So stay tuned and enjoy your weekend!!!